New features
Image attachments
May 07, 2022

Image attachments is live!

Attach images to feedback
Quickly attach a screenshot or a gif to provide extra context when submitting new feedback in Upfeed. This is a great way to make it super clear what your feedback is about. 

Spice up comments with some visuals
Liven up your comment threads with images and gifs. Use images to better communicate an issue or idea when discussing feedback.

Add multiple images
Multiple images supported too! Have a few examples to support your ideas? Simply select multiple images and upload them all at once. 

New features
Private boards/company, drag/drop to reorder roadmap status types
Mar 11, 2022

New features and bug fixes have landed!

Ability to set a company or specific boards within a company as private

  • Company admins have the ability to make an entire company, or 1 or more boards within a company, as private

  • Setting a company as private will hide the public dashboard entirely, and grant access only to admins and teammates

  • Setting 1 or more boards in a company as private should hide those boards from public users and only visible to admins/teammates of the company

  • Feedback submitted to private boards should not be visible on the roadmap to public users (only visible by admins/teammates of that company that have access)

  • If a board with existing feedback (or a company with boards with existing feedback) is made private, any updates to that feedback should NOT send email notifications to voters/feedback owners/commentors that don't have access (since those feedback owners/commentors would no longer have access to the board/feedback they submitted to).

  • If a public user (non admin/teammate) tries to visit a private company (e.g. or a private board directly (e.g., they should be presented with the empty company dashboard and logo, a message that this company or board is private and only available to teammates, and a login prompt if the user isn't already logged in.

  • There should be something in the Company admin dashboard that shows clearly that the company is private

  • If only 1 or more boards in a public company are marked private, those boards should have an icon/text that clearly states that the board(s) is private and ability to toggle that off/on

  • There should be clear messaging when setting either a company or 1 or more boards as private about what that will do to inform users

  • Admins should be able to change a private company back to public, and similarly private board(s) back to public

  • Private companies/boards should not be indexed by search engines

Users can define the order of roadmap status types

Company admins and teammates can define the order of the roadmap status types

  • In the company admin dashboard, users can drag to reorder the status types (updated order saved immediately upon drag end)

  • The new order should be reflected in the public company dashboard

Bug fixes

  • Resolved formatting issues on changelog

New features
Email notifications, non-registered users can submit feedback
Feb 25, 2022

New features have landed in Upfeed:

Email notifications

Feedback status change

  • When a feedback entry status changes, an email notification should be sent to the person who submitted the feedback, everyone who voted on it, and all who commented on it to inform them of the status change.

Feedback comment added

  • Creator of the feedback should get a notification that a comment was added

  • If it's a reply to an existing comment, both the feedback creator and the parent commentor should get a notification that a comment was added

A user can submit feedback anonymously and with name/email

Ability to submit feedback anonymously and with simple name/email (no registration req’d)

New features & bug fixes
Teammate overhaul, bug fixes and enhancements
Feb 17, 2022

We're happy to share the latest set of new features, bug fixes and enhancements to land in Upfeed.

Teammates overhaul

  1. Teammates functionality has been completely overhauled, including:

  2. Invited teammates can accept an invite via email and register with both SSO and/or username/pass

  3. Teammates are by default free users associated to the invited company owner account

  4. Teammates can become paid users by creating their own company under 'Organization' -> 'Add New Company', which will take them to the purchase plan page to complete first

  5. Teammates can access the associated company admin dashboard and can manage feedback similar to an owner (no permissions for destructive company settings)

  6. Teammates (and owners) can see companies they own and/or have been invited to under the existing 'Organization' link, and can switch between them like owners can now

  7. The list of teammates should be visible under Settings -> Company

  8. Company owner can remove an existing teammate

Roadmap status'

  1. Choose default feedback status for new submissions

  2. Abililty to show/hide status' on your roadmap

Bug fixes

  1. Avatars are not displaying on the dashboard

  2. Support line breaks in comments. Currently hitting return or shift return submits the comment, resulting in unfinished comments Roadmap item

  3. Submit Feedback button not disabled after first press, double tapping the "-> Submit Feedback" button leads to multiple submission. This button needs to get disabled after the first press.

  4. Markdown formatting not rendering for changelog entries after saving an entry. For example, lists are not being shown here.

  5. New feedback email notification link doesn't take users to the feedback item, instead it lands you on the company dashboard. The email link should take users to the feedback detail view

  6. This message container element shouldn't be taking up whitespace when not rendering a message to the user. It's pushing the tabs down too far on the page and wasting valuable screen real estate

  7. Update new changelog button text to 'Save entry'

  8. In Settings >> Custom Domain: Personalized is spelled wrong

  9. Update the 'Update feedback' button placement and style screenshot

Bug fixes
Jan 21, 2022

Deployed fixes for recent regressions:

  • Roadmap not showing changes (

  • Ability to hide "powered by Upfeed" branding (

  • Company logo is blank (

New features
Major update
Dec 04, 2021

Some major new feature work landed in this release

  1. Custom domains

  2. Widgets

  3. Custom roadmap statuses

  4. Custom changelog types

  5. Ability to edit company subdomain

A host of bug fixes were released as well, improving performance and stability.

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